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Company Info

PDK101.com, is a small consulting company that specialized in physical verification, PDK/EDA methodology and IC design quality. We offers several quality, independent, and unbiased consulting services range from physical deck development, analog circuit block design and documentation, Design block and IP database and version control management, product/company.market study and review, final tape out design and layout datbase review. 

Companies engaged in IC design rely on physical verification tools such as (Calibre, Diva, Dracula®, Assura ) physical verification tools  to find layout errors before their designs go mask shop and later foundry. Long, extensive and complex rule decks define the manufacturing checks that physical verification tools conduct on these circuit designs.  

Rule decks are modified many times and by many different engineers during their long life. Stringent quality control is paramount to ensuring the integrity of the decks. However, because of the difficulty of maintaining code that has passed between many different hands over a long period of time, redundancies, inefficiencies or (worst of all) errors are inevitable. This can result in time wasted by needless design iterations or even bad silicon.

PDK101.COM, can improve your physical verification cycle time by analyzing your existing verification methodology and by providing custom training in new technologies, or by offering our physical verification expertise to assist during your busiest times.

Business Model (IPfarm©)
the optimal way for you to create, share and profit from Circuit Design IP!  

PDK101.COM has instituted a new Circuit Intellectual Property (IP) creation and sharing business model (IPfarm).  IPfarm is an unique method for individual or companies to define, develop, control, share and profit from the Circuit Design Intellectual Property. PDK101.COM will utilizes its expertise, automatic QA flow, and industrial standards to qualify customer submitted IP.  Based on customers' decisions, those qualified IP will be either isolated or available for all other PDK101 customers under share-exchange or fee-based. IPfarm provides an indepentent, efficient and central repository for IP development, cost sharing and knowledge buildup platform. All sort of IC Circuit design, IP blocks, design flow and best practices can be fully re-used at minimum or no cost to small and medium IC design houses.     

Currently, PDK101.COM provides three different kinds of partner participation modes for IPfarm business.

General contributor: 
This group of interested parties will be able to contribute their design specification, design concept, knowledge, test vectors, test benches and validation data into PDK101.com. There will a dedicate project area for individual contribute to develop their projects and deliverables. The end products and documents will be further verified independently by PDK101.COM team and then push into IP/knowledge repository. The contributors have all the right to open or close such project to general public. If the verified IP is open to general public, once it has been selected and used by other members, there will be loyalty or fee derived from that IP and reward back to initial contributors.  

Premium member:
This group of interested parties will be paying membership fee to access all open IP database inside PDK101.com. Premier members have all general contributors' right and privilege and submit and verify incoming IP database. 

Gold member:
There will be very limited Gold members inside PDK101.COM not only to contribute majority  IP and knowledge content but also contribute to PDK101.COM growth and prosperity. These few members  need to be leaders or experts in their particular professional areas. The selection of Gold member can be for IP/KB content enrichment, Business growth, Knowledge expansion etc.

Any individual or small companies would like more information or participate in IP/DB creation and sharing, please contact Martin Chu at 940 372 2172.

Contact Into:
Contact us at 940 372 2172 , or send email to martin.chu@pdk101.com

IPfarm User Handbook  

All interested parties, please review and follow all Guidelines in the Handbook.

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