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by Martin Chu,
First Created Sept. 16 2010
Last Update July 21 2011
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Projects under development  (Member only, contribution welcome, interested parties please contact Martin Chu ) or email

Current project under development 
Project Name and description Status
Specification and Documents
Project Leader
Project area
OPA design spec and IP development  Developing  OPA MartinChu MaCh_1
General AD/DA design spec and IP development Developing  AD_DA MartinChu MaCh_1
Mixed Signal design and IP reuse best practice Developing  MSD_IP_Best_Practice --- MaUL_1
Foundry SPICE model validation methodology Developing  SPICE_Validate --- MaUL_2
Worldwide Silicon Foundty capability and capacity Planned but not Active Si_Capacity MartinChu MaCh_1
Killer Applications, devices and sub-system Developing KILL_APPS NA KIPA_0

Project not yet classified

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