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Excellent in providing quality silicon physical verification,  Design Automation 

Services,  EDA/PDK flow/methodology review and  Design Quality Audit,


PDK101.COM basic business concepts:

PDK101.COM  was created under the concepts to
(1) Incorporating all known best practices into IC design and verification flow
(2) Leaned and incorporated previous valuable lessons from success and failure chip designs. 
(3) Drive a consistent and robust First Pass Success Design (FPSD) flow and methodologies.
(4) Helping our clients to achieve their fast design and mass production schedule.
(5) Use IPfarm© flow to facilitate IP creation, marketing, pollination and commercialization.
(6) Reducing and share our development experience to small and medium design house to reduce EDA/PDK R&D cost.

Services Provided

(a) Design Flow and Methodology Creation and/or Review

The methodology review identifies how to eliminate verification bottlenecks and hence improve time-to-market. Cadence performs an on-site assessment in which our physical verification experts work with you to analyze your existing verification methodology, to address your specific concerns or objectives, and to make recommendations for improvement. We deliver a detailed analysis of your methodology including recommendations for improvement.

(b) Independent Design Analysis and Review 

Time to market and volume product are critical to current design house. We can help small and medium size fabless design house to double check their design and provide independent and unbiased analysis report. It is always better to provide functional evaluation chip and board to your customers than to say this chip only functions partially!

(c) Custom circuit block or IP design and version control

We can offload your design burden to provide custom circuit block design or IP creation.  PDK101.COM will work with you to first pin down design requirement, specification, test bench, vectors, models, and validation procedures. The end product of this IP creation is a well document design specification together with complete reproducible and verifiable testing suites.     

(d) Specialized PDK elements Development

PDK101 will work with you to develop and delivers physical verification decks for any foundry process technology. We validate the deck against either a customer-provided QA layout library or test bench, or PDK101 QA library.  We can also help our customers to develop PDK elements of their choice. These can be special layout style for bipolar devices, Capacitors or power MOS etc. The PDK elements can be device symbol, DRC rules and  deck, and LVS recognition and RCX/PEX extraction.

(e) Deck Audit and Optimization

A deck audit is a highly comprehensive review of your rule decks for accuracy and efficiency. We deliver a detailed report that highlights areas where improvements are necessary to ensure deck integrity and optimal performance. On deck optimization services, we focus on improving the overall run time of a rule deck without sacrificing accuracy. We deliver an identically functional deck which runs more efficiently. Areas in which we make improvements include eliminating redundant rules, re-coding time-consuming rules, and ensuring the most efficient use of tool features.

(f) Design Automation implementation

We can provide our expertise to speed up design quality and efficiency. Our goal is to minimize your time-to-market by accurately and efficiently verifying and debugging your designs, and to maximize the resulting knowledge transfer with your organization. 

(g) Custom Training and Education

PDK101.COM will work with you to create custom trainings that address your specific needs. PDK101.COM develops the course description and material, identifies the target participants within your organization, and coordinates and runs the training classes. We can customize training materials around your own flows and designs. Classes can be held at your own facility.

For More Information

Contact us at 940 372 2172 , or send mail to customer_support@pdk101.com