(A to D) and (D to A) Design Information/ Data Converter 101
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General but essential information for designing an excellent A/D D/A converter
Understanding analog to digital converter specifications

Design Challenges in designing Low Voltage Analog to Digital Converter  in Nano-scale CMOS technologies.

Choose the right A/D converter for your application

Which ADC architecture is right for your application

Analog-to-Digital Converter Architectures and Choices for System Design

How to design a Sigma-Delta A to D converter  (Sigma-Delta AD/DA 101)   Member only for now

Delta-Sigma Data Converters Design using MATLAB

Use up to 34 different parameters to Find ADI A/D Converter Products & Info

Very useful Circuit from the Lab in ADI's application website.

Basic Design requirements:
Design a Low-Jitter Clock for High-Speed Data Converters

ADC TUTORIALS (original source from ADI )                                    last reviewed/update 20110430
Taking the Mystery out of the Infamous Formula, "SNR = 6.02N + 1.76dB," and Why You Should Care.
What the Nyquist Criterion Means to Your Sampled Data System Design.
Understand SINAD, ENOB, SNR, THD, THD + N, and SFDR so You Don't Get Lost in the Noise Floor.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Aspects of ADC Input Noise—Is No Noise Good Noise?
Noise Power Ratio (NPR)—A 65-Year Old Telephone System Specification Finds New Life in Modern Wireless Applications.
ADC Noise Figure—An Often Misunderstood and Misinterpreted Specification.
Aperture Time, Aperture Jitter, Aperture Delay Time—Removing the Confusion.
Converting Oscillator Phase Noise to Time Jitter.
Find Those Elusive ADC Sparkle Codes and Metastable States.
Intermodulation Distortion Considerations for ADCs.

ADC ARCHITECTURE TUTORIALS (original source from ADI )
           last reviewed/update 20110430
ADC Architectures I: The Flash Converter
ADC Architectures II: Successive Approximation ADCs

ADC Architectures III: Sigma-Delta ADC Basics
ADC Architectures IV: Sigma-Delta ADC Advanced Concepts and Applications
ADC Architectures V: Pipelined Subranging ADCs
ADC Architectures VI: Folding ADCs

ADC Architectures VII: Counting ADCs
ADC Architectures VIII: Integrating ADCs

Evaluating High Speed DAC Performance
Oversampling Interpolating DACs
Intentionally Nonlinear DACs
DAC Interface Fundamentals

DAC Architectures I: String DACs and Thermometer (Fully Decoded) DACs

DAC Architectures II: Binary DACs

DAC Architectures III: Segmented DACs

Data Converter Codes—Can You Decode Them?

The Importance of Data Converter Static Specifications— Don't Lose Sight of the Basics!

Voltage-to-Frequency Converters
Optical Encoders
Resolver-to-Digital Converters
Grounding Data Converters and Solving the Mystery of "AGND" and "DGND"
Differential Drivers for Precision ADCs

Differential Drivers for High Speed ADCs Overview

Data Converter Tutorial from ADI
This is an excellent website have all useful information about A/D D/A converter from ADI.

Various Ananlog to Digital Designs sorted by Architecture
Pipeline A/D Converter
Delta Sigma A/D Converter
Successive Approximation Register (SAR)  A/D Converter
Dual-Slope/ Integration Converter
Flash A/D Converter

Analog-to-Digital Converter Architectures and Choices for System Design
Very good article to describe A2D converter Architecture and choices for different system Design
Original source is from http://www.analog.com/library/analogDialogue/archives/33-08/adc/final_adc.pdf

A2D converter from GIT 

High Speed A2D and D2A design
Suitable archetiture
Design Procedure and examples

Pipeline Design I (Closed to public for now)
Pipeline Design II from UCBerkeley  (Closed to public for now)
Pipeline Three Channel  (Closed to public for now)

High Resolution AD/DA Design
Suitable archetiture
Design Procedure and examples

Low Power /general purpose AD/DA Design
Suitable archetiture
Design Procedure and examples
Low_power_Sigma_delta Converter

High Linearity/Low Noise AD/DA Design
Suitable archetiture
Design Procedure and examples

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