COMPANY BASICS 101 for an outstanding and successful Corporation.

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Company makes money and grow by making good quality products and/or services in a consistent, fast, and cost effective way for their customers. Eventually that kind of long term effort and good customer experience, then it evolve  into a reputable company and trustworthy product brand name.

It requires capable and motivated employee, efficient operation system and golden corporate culture to ensure the above mentioned products and services can be delivered and AGAIN reliably with consistent quality! 

So what is Corporate Culture and does a successful company have a soul and personality?
If you want to establish a successful, reputable, worldwide company, you must read, absorb and follow all these advises listed below. 

What Sets Today's Winning Companies Apart   

What makes and defines an Excellent company  
What you can see inside ordinary and losing/decaying companies 
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What is the mindset for a First Place Winner and Leader
or in Chinese  
每天想你想要的,而不是不要的. (Quote from 陈 安之)      

What are the major tasks for a CEO or team leader  (Martin Chu's viewpoint)

How to build a most productive and synergic project team
(Martin Chu's viewpoint) 

Good reading materials for leadership as of Oct 18 2010


Top 10 reasons teams Fail

10 Reasons why companies fail to retain their top talents.

Top 10 reasons Startups Fail I

Top 10 reasons Startups Fail II

Top 10 reasons Business Fail I

Top 10 reasons Business Fail II

Case study for all once successful but later on failure companies.
Definitely need to learn and pickup their painful lessons and fatal mistakes.    (Will add more company as time goes on)
Company Name Reason for early successful business operation   Causes for company's decay and ultimate  failure
Wang Lab Good product and market segment at startup. (1) non-vision at top management.
(2) Failure to keep up with technology and industry;
(3) poor execution and focus
DEC Good technology and market leader at that time. (1) Fail to keep up with technology 
(2) slow in react to the change in compition landscape..
Ciucuit City Market and Electronics sale power house at that time. (1) Can not provide a unique and profitable business model.
(2) Cannot compete efficiently within service arena.
Washington Mutual Bank Good regional band with a lot of branch offices Will add later on.
Leader in energy trading. (1) Too much on financial leverage and no good control of financial trading.
(2) Bluntly fabricate company's accounting and financial situation.
Polaroid Unique product and technology for instant picture for Lab and other applications. (1) Too slow to react to the new technology enter into its core business and market changes
(2) No wide product and service to support sustainable business.
Motorola  Excellent technology leader in wireless and communication. (1) Too slow and fail to respond  to market and competition landscape
(2) Pay too little on customer need
(3) Slow in make the right decision at top management.
(4) Too rigid in organization and too slow in reaction to market and customers' needs or requests.

Case study for all long-team, consistent and successful companies as of Oct. 2012. I will update this table from time to time.
 These are the companies that Martin Chu regards as the market leaders in their field! I listed them based on my own company success rating and preference.
Company Name Why this company can grow over long  period Success trait and pattern
Google Very strong software, network, and mas database handle capability. Hire very telent professional and let me do what they can do and merge their products and/or service into main company products and services. ---
Apple Have very good product planning , roadmap, and strategy. Excellent execution team, know customers' mind and drive customer's need.  Very capable to push for new technology and apply to its products and services. Will add later on.
GE (1) Old and big technology company yet good in investing useful new technology,  making them profitable.
(2) Very good in picking new area for investing money  and benefiting to human life.
Will add later on.
Merck Very good in discoverying new drug and chemical to improve human life.
TSMC Definite silicon foundry leader. They understand how and what it takes to make Integrated Circuit right. They know and can handle complex design, process flow, Device, technology, project management, and business decision in a very fast, consistent and correct fashion.   Will add later on.
Promptly reliably,  and widely provide important, trustworthy and accurate information around the world 24H 365D. Sometimes it is much faster and accurate than national news agencies from several countries. ---
Know how to design very reliable, affordable and efficient automotives. However, some system design idea or preassumption  in IMA in Civic are not very honest and forthcoming to its customers.
Will add later on.
Also know how to design very reliable, affordable and efficient automotives. However, previous Brake system issues cause bad PR and tarnish its image. I think some of its top management outside Japan has different and not so good management philisophy then old Toyota management team!
Will add later on.
Boeing An admiring technology and system company. Very capable to design and manufacturing  complex yet reliable aircraft to fly around the world. (However Dreamliner 787 bettery nightmare is a big stain in Boeing's design, system and overall quality operation!)  I do not think Boeing is forthcoming to the battery issues. It is a system and design issues. It should not just push it to the component supplier. Shame on you Boeing!  I drop Boeing rating down to show my unhappy with boeing's incapable of  solving and handling this issue! Will add later on.
Intel Very strong in semiconductor CPU design and manufacturing. Still has very high end silicon processing technology.
MicroSoft Pioneer in creating personal use OS system and later on on PC system. However, old Microsoft corporate culture is somewhat mean and monopolious. Also software quality and security was never the company's top priority at all. Now seems a little better. Will add later on.
PIXAR Very good at creating excellent and hilarious story and animation. Very creative and innovative. I think they have very excellent  and corhert team to execute film projects. They also very very good comic play writer/editors. Will add later on.
DreamWorks Very good at creating excellent and hilarious story and animation. Very creative and innovative. The same as above like .PIXAR. I have not yet able to make a statement who is better (PIXAR or DreamWorks). I think both are very good! ---
Southwest Airlines Reliable, efficient  yet low cost airline. Very good in control its operational cost and still able to maintain good flying fleet. Will add later on.
FedEx Excellent worldwide. logistics strength  and efficient package tracking system  Will add later on.
WallMart (1) Wide selection of low cost yet useful products and some very affordable service toward low income people.
(2) excellent logistics strength 

What are the public relationship or confidence nightmares  for companies in history. (Will add later on)

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