Matlab used in IC Design                                                                                                                                                             Last Update June 22 2009
MATlab Useful References
  1. MATLAB Documentation online. Type in doc in command window for local documentation pages.
  2. MATLAB Tutorials by Mathworks.
  3. MATLAB Quick Reference Card.
  4. R. Schreier, Matlab Delta-Sigma Toolbox, 2009 [Online], [Manual], [One page summary].
  5. Handout on Filter Design and Implementation using Matlab is here.
  6. Help on matrix indexing in MATLAB is here.
  7. MATLAB Communications Toolbox.
  8. Pipelined ADC Simulator in MATLAB [Online].
  9. dspLog : An excellent Blog on Communications/DSP design using MATLAB.
  10. Subscribe to the MATLAB Digest.

MATLAB Examples

  1. Archive of all accumulated examples used in the Delta-Sigma Data Converters Design course taught at BSU
  2. MATLAB example demonstrating Analog Modulation schemes (AM, FM, PM, AM+FM).
  3. Butterworth low-pass Analog Filter Design.
  4. Op-amp Design Toolkit (Uses the Symbolic Toolbox).
  5. Communication Systems (Software Defined Radio) Examples (files not indexed at this point).
  6. Few Mixed-Signal Design Examples (in progress).
  7. Semiconductors Devices Examples.

MATLAB for Hobbyists

  1. Solving Sudoku using MATLAB! 

Software Defined Radio (SDR) and MATLAB

SDR is an emerging platform which potentially allows software controlled reconfigurability and programming of wireless communications algorithms. There are many high-speed radio enabled boards available which allow programming and experimentation on wireless communications using MATLAB. Further details on SDR are available on the GNU Radio wiki.


next-generation wireless transceivers.    contain many useful information   lecture notes

ECE 697: Delta-Sigma Data Converter Design